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14 reviews for Oxycodone 5mg

  1. Jennifer Howell

    Without this medication, I am stuck in bed in horrible pain and could not shower for days or do any simple tasks around the house.

  2. Timmy Wilson

    I found an adrenal pain in my ribs and couldn’t sit properly. My doctor recommended me 50mg of Oxycodone twice a day. It was genuinely helpful to me.

  3. David Bowen

    Oxycodone is the best medication for chronic pain. It works a bit slow but does its work effectively.

  4. Ebony Newman

    I was dependent on this medicine to relieve my shoulder pain for a long time. It has never composed any side effects on my body and worked effectually.

  5. Emilio Fox

    I took the Oxycodone drug for about one year for severe back pain due to multiple injuries. The drug was quite effective and delivered a relaxed feeling of relief from distress.

  6. Roderick Obrien

    This drug effectively relieved my low-level temporary pain. Thank you! Pfizerstores for a good discount.

  7. Darla Hardy

    The drug is available in numerous doses. I’m amazed by their lower prices compared to a drug store.

  8. Cary Russell

    I was having thigh pain for the last week. After my doctor’s advice, I started taking Oxycodone; now, I’m relaxed and calm. Thank You! Pfizer Stores.

  9. Alvin Leonard

    This drug helped me recover rapidly from my compromised low back pain.

  10. Sylvester Coleman

    The Oxycodone (5mg) pills are slightly heavy but work effectively without any side effects. Overall it’s a great experience to use this medicine.

  11. Tasha Cunningham

    My doctor prescribed me this drug to contradict my neck pain. Oxycodone is one of the most reliable pain killer medicine available for now.

  12. Audrey Patton

    I have had chronic back for over 15 months. My doctor prescribed me Oxycodone to try. Yes, this medication does help me.

  13. Kim Stewart

    I bought Oxycodone (30mg) from Pfizerstores at a sustainable discount. The drug is quite powerful.

  14. Tommy Gutierrez

    This 30mg of Oxycodone drug provides significant relief in pain. It serves to remove long-term pain.

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