Frequently Asked Questions - Pfizer Stores

Q1. What types of medications may be found on this website?

All FDA-approved drugs, including opioid pain relievers, sleeping pills, and all other pharmaceutical products, are on our website. You can go to the product area for further information and the offers given on the offered medications.

Q2. Are the medicines you sell safe and legal?

We are an FDA-approved supplier and make every effort to supply you with the safest medicine from legal sources. We give our best to offer genuine products only and are among the most trusted websites. We provide legal and branded medications at a reasonable price.

Q3. How do you give these medications at such a low cost?

We provide all pharmaceutical products at the lowest prices than local pharmacies. We can spend money on things other than business and marketing strategies like advertising, product promotion, and so on. Since we have a direct consumer connection, we don’t need to engage a costly sales team.

Q4. When will my medicine be delivered?

If we deliver your product by FedEx overnight, it will arrive at your door the next day. This is only available in case of emergency. We also have alternative facilities that may provide your purchase the next day for an additional fee. Our service and delivery are fascinating; if you order, the medicine will reach you within seven days of our working hours.

Q5.Can I follow the status of my order?

You may monitor your order anytime by visiting our website and providing the required information, such as your name, tracking ID, etc. we also give the delivery person’s contact details so that you can quickly contact them at the time of delivery. The tracking ids are also available since your order is shipped so that you can easily find the location.

Q6: How can I place an order?

It would be okay to take the following actions: 

  • Enter the brand name and choose the appropriate drug.
  • Select dosages and place all necessary medications in the shopping basket.
  • Proceed by entering your shipping and billing addresses and placing your order.

This is all you need to do to place an order on our website.

Q7: How are my orders delivered?

We provide fast and secure delivery services to all our customers. You may get your product within 2-3 days. You may also ask for same-day delivery if it’s an emergency.

Our company has collaborated with some best courier companies, like UPS and USPS in the United States, to offer you the best shopping experience. Our process includes the following steps;

  • First, we verify your order and product details;
  • Then, we pack your product and give it to the delivery partner;
  • Now, your product becomes the responsibility of our reputed delivery partners;
  • Ultimately, they reach you and deliver your product without any mistakes.

This is all we do to deliver your product to your doorstep.

Q8. How do you handle refunds and cancellations?

At the time of order collection, our staff member sees the product and its related information; if the product is safe and secure with the genuine product we have delivered, we will take it and refund you. If our things are damaged during shipment, you may return them to us for a refund. Please ask us to send you the updated product. You may request a refund if your order does not arrive or is misplaced. Otherwise, we will be unable to give you a refund.

The refund will be done within 2 to 7 days.

Q9. How can I get in contact with your company?

You may reach us by email, phone, or live chat. For further information, please see the Contact Us page of our website. Although we send all the necessary information directly in your mail, in case you need any help or want to contact us directly, we are just one click away.

You can contact us through our email service or can also call us. When you order a medicine from our website, we send an order confirmation email to confirm all the details. This email contains a contact number that you can use to ensure your order details. You can use the same contact number to call us anytime.

Q10. What information do I need to supply to place an order?

Customers must provide the following information to place an order:

  • Personal information such as the customer’s name, email address, contact number, etc.
  • Information about the shipping address, like your house number or any good landmark.
  • Payment method details.
  • Your doctor’s prescription (if available).

These are all the necessary details we need to know before confirming your orders and shipping them.

Q11. Are there any hidden charges?

No, additional costs or unforeseen expenses are not associated with any activity you do on our website. We continually do business with integrity and transparency. Sometimes in case the shipping address is very far, we ask for shipping charges or the maintenance price.

Apart from this, we don’t ask for a single penny.

Q12. What sets your pharmacy apart from other online pharmacies?

We provide high-quality healthcare meds on our website at competitive prices. Our website is a good choice because we periodically give all medicines at attractive discounts. We offer prescription drugs as we care about all of our clients. Also, there is a lot during an off-season sale. The customers are super excited during off-seasons. Also, we are the most trusted e-pharmacies, so we always try to maintain our position.

Q13. Should I be concerned about the quality of the medications I buy from your website?

We only provide genuine items that have official licenses. In general, we only work with well-known international companies. We check the expiry date of your ordered product to ensure safe and real product delivery.

Additionally, a high stock turnover guarantees that the most recently created medicines are accessible. We sell only those medicines that are FDA-approved, and also there is a separate section for re-checking every single treatment.

Q14. Are there any deals or discounts available in your shop?

We provide highly discounted prices on all of our medical supplies. Additionally, over time, you will receive different offers here. You can check your eligibility to use the deal by reading the offer description. There are all-time sales of some medicines, but during the off-season, we give almost 50% off.

Q15. Why does the product I received seem different from the image displayed?

While we try to represent the drug correctly, the manufacturer periodically modifies the package’s color, shape, and size. But worry not; regardless of its chemical composition, you will nevertheless be affected by its effects. Every time there is a composition change, we keep you informed.

Q16. Are there any restrictions on how many products may be ordered at once?

No, there is no restriction on how many items you may purchase from our website. This is entirely your choice and up to your requirements. In fact, if you order on a regular basis and products in bulk, we give some extra discounts to our regular customers.

Q17. What are the payment options available?

We accept payments through most payment modes, including UPI, Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, etc. These are all the payment methods we give, and it’s up to your convenience what you choose.

Q18. What are the hours of operation of your pharmacy store?

Our online pharmacy operates 24/7, 365 days a year.  We are available for our beloved customers at all times.