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What is Lortab?

Lortab is a medicine used to treat moderate to severe pain. It is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone is an opioid, while Acetaminophen or Paracetamol is both an analgesic as well as an antipyretic. People who are suffering from long-term high intensity of pain may buy Lortab online. We provide Lortab for sale, Without a Prescription.

Primary Uses

It acts on the brain and changes the way a  body feels and reacts to pain. It is also used as a narcotic drug, or sedative to relieve excess painful conditions for the patient.

Lortab is often used for other medical purposes also, like related to surgeries or postoperative pain reduction.

  • This drug contains dominant opioids and may lead to withdrawal syndrome due to prolonged use or intake of larger doses than prescribed by the Doctor.
  • It must be noted that do not initiate or discontinue this drug suddenly; increase your dose gradually as per the severity of the pain.
  • Do discontinue it by gradually decreasing the quantity or amount to avoid Lortab withdrawal symptoms. It may be harmful to the health of the consumer.

 Important Information

One must consult the Doctor for clarity. They must tell their medical history, and allergies, if any, to the health professional. Consumption of alcohol is strictly not advised to be continued simultaneously with the intake of this drug. It may lead to serious adverse effects on a patient’s health. Also, suppose one has any history of chronic disease, head injury, lung tissue, or history of any drug or alcohol addiction. In that case, they are not allowed for high doses of this medication. One should buy Lortab online carefully. The doctor will prescribe you this medicine only as per your physical tolerance level and stamina.

What should I do before using this Lortab?

  • Ensure that you have not consumed any MAO inhibitor in the last 14 days, like isocarboxazid, linezolid, methylene blue injection, phenelzine, rasagiline, selegiline, or tranylcypromine. They are generally used for the treatment of depression.
  • Before buying Lortab online, positively share your past medical conditions with the doctor to prescribe you the correct dose. Do not take these medications if you’re addicted to alcohol. It may worsen the situation and may also lead to withdrawal symptoms.

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How should I take Lortab?

 Buy this drug,  Lortab, as precisely as has been prescribed by your Doctor. Do follow all guidelines on your prescription. Never consume this medicine in more quantity or for a longer time than prescribed. An overdose may cause harm to your liver or even cause death. Inform your doctor if you don’t get relief in pain. Hydrocodone is addictive, even at regular doses. Never a person with a history of alcohol should consume it. Always intake the liquid Lortab with the dosing syringe with measurements marked on it. Don’t take Lortab suddenly after long-term use, or you could have severe withdrawal symptoms. Ask the doctor about stopping the medicine safely. Always store it at room temperature, away from moisture or heat.

What should I avoid while taking Lortab?

Intake of alcohol should be avoided while consuming this drug. It harms your body considerably. Also, tell the doctor if you are on any other medications for issues like headaches, migraine, gastric issues, lungs problem, weakness, etc. He will add supplements with your remedies to avoid any adverse effects.

What are the possible side effects of Lortab?

  • Although Lortab is an effective painkiller, it also has a bundle of side effects. Not just the overdose but also regular use could lead to many problems. Not following the doctor’s advice properly often leads to showing severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Renal patients or Liver patients with chronic diseases are strictly not advised to consider this medicine; they should avoid this as much as possible. It must only be used in extreme pain situations when any other standard treatment fails to work for relief.
  • People often complain of nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, constipation, headache, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, agitation, drowsiness, fatigue or feeling of too much weakness, weight changes, appetite loss, and many more.

Call your doctor immediately in the condition of low blood pressure, sweating, migraine, severe anxiety, or vomiting.

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